Demi & CAST on Tour Offer Support to School Shooting Victims

Demi & CAST on Tour showed support for the Florida school shooting victims by inviting the surviors up on stage with her. "On February 14, one of the worst mass shootings in American history took place. These students were in school that day. Please welcome them to the stage," she said to the crowd Monday night. 

You can check out the full story at



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Abigail_Coggins's picture

Ohh, no!! That school shooting can't happen to my school too!! Aye!! Demi, if that happens to my school, you can come along and show us support. I can't wait to see you sometime. You my idol!!!!!

Lashawn_unique147's picture

OMG, she is just too amazing. I love the fact that she did that.

Can't wait to see her in Brooklyn, my sisters and I are over the moon.!!!!!!!!