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tedityy_21's picture

I love the way you sing.

I love the way you look on the stage,

I love the way you inspired,

I love the way you are so passionate about your songs,

I love the way you are so talented,

I love the way you are so honest about you,

I love the way you're so young and in the same time so wise.

I love the way you so beautiful and individual! Your fan,

Teodora Zheleva

aischabanna's picture

Dear Demi,

I’m not sure, if you’ll ever read this, but i try my luck. I am definitely a Lovatic :-), i love your voice and you are the reason, why i’m still alive.. that’s not a thing that i’m just saying, seriously. It feels like i can’t end my life, since i have seen you one time in my life. Since i’m 12 year old, i’m struggling with cutting, today i’m 19. 5 Times i was in a psychiatry, the 6th time is coming soon. About 30 times i was in the hospital cause i’ve cut to deep. One time i’ve cut in my vein, one time in my artery. I hate my life and i am not able to fight anymore. My parents and siblings actually didn’t know me or understand and they want me, to kill myself. I love them and i would kill myself for mommy but ahe doesn’t care. She loves all her kids but she doesn’t love me.. i don’t know what i did wrong.. my father.. started my life story. He would be the first reason, if i kill myself. 

Everyday it gets harder and harder..  2013               i became bulimic.. struggled with it about 1 1/2 years.. now 2017 i’m on the way of becoming anorexic... i’ve stopped eating a few weeks ago.. i’m just done and i’m praying and will always pray to meet you, till i die. And even when i will find the mood one day, to end everything, i will always be thankful for you. 

sure, you have a looot of fans and you’ve heard definitely so much from fans, how bad their lifes are.. but i don’t know, if someone could live with that pain.. 

you’re a role model and you can save lifes, you see... thank you, Demi! I Love you. 

Let god hear my last and biggest wish.. 

thank you,

i love you...

Aischa Banna

Alicia37074088's picture

Hi Demi! Can you please come to Vancouver BC (British Columbia). I am a BIG fan of you and your music. I always wanted to see your concert someday. You helped me trust myself more and i want to be like you when im older you are such a kind caring women. I hope you are okay from everything that's happened to you in the past us (fans) will always be there for you! LOve YOu. Thanks.