Tour VIP Experience

Get the VIP experience on Demi's upcoming North American Tour here! 



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Cecelia_Greene's picture

I have wanted to meet you for forever. You are my inspiration. Everyone used to bully me and tell me to kill myself and for a while I actually wanted to. Then my friend told me about your songs warrior and skyscaper and I fell in love. Those songs helped me so much and on top of that once I found the song for the love of a daughter I cried because it explains my life. I have a lot of questions for you and I want to meet you so bad. I should be coming to your concert on the 26th in Boston but I don't have the money for a meet and greet. My mom and I are in a really tough situation right now. I tried messaging you on Facebook but I know your really busy so I probably will never have time to respond. I love you so much demi sorry for the long paragraph I just love all your music and just you so much. Your such a strong person. Thank you so much for everything you do. Your amazing.