Tour VIP Experience

Get the VIP experience on Demi's upcoming North American Tour here! 



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Joshuavoros's picture

You’ve been my idol since i was 10. I absolutely love you and the fact that you helped me build up the courage to love myself after many years of living in the dark about my sexuality, depression, and anxiety. See you at the philly show!!! Much love, 


tia_gibbs's picture

You have amazing vocals. It amaze me that you been through a lot and still pushing forward. So many people out honest have those same struggles.  

Haileylew41's picture

You are one of my biggest role models. Watching your documentary changed my life. Seeing what you have been through and overcame is amazing. You inspire me to be the best version of myself. I have struggled with depression too, so I could relate to a lot of what you said in your documentary. I love you so much. Don’t change for anybody. Hopefully I will get to see you in Columbus, OH!!

Eva_Diaz's picture

Oh my goodness! Demi ! I can't wait for your concert this sprint you are soo amazing You are my favorite artist & actress I have been a huge fan since Camp Rock (also sonny with a chance) but especially Camp Rock all the way to your most recent endeavors. You so passionate & have inspired so many including me. Your music speaks to me and so many others! Can't wait to see you in concert here in Miami, FL. In march! Wish I could go VIP. Thanks for all that you do!