Timeline Post by Amanda_Guerrero

Ms. Lovato, My name is Amanda Brendaliz Guerrero and I am a Puertorican and Dominican 20 year old (when I wrote this letter to you beautiful ). SO with that being said. I’ve been watching you grow into the most beautiful young positive lady that I have grown to love and adore! You have SO MUCH potential And you that I believe that you don’t need any type of drug or any Neanderthal or hater to find what you are because you are way stronger than you even imagine so you look back at all the tattoos that you have and you embrace that creativity that I know you have within yourself positively first and foremost now I’m going to tell you about my difficult story no matter what else thinks about it and I know you don’t judge people so please read this thoroughly and carefully because I give a damn about you, your health, and most of all your charisma you bring to the music stage every performance you make every single time and rock it. From Camp Rock to musical performances and the surprise guest shows you have appeared on such as Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon show.

When I was 15 years old, I was not diagnosed, but I had an ovarian cyst in my left ovary in which the doctor had taken out of me but I still have both ovaries, however, I took it upon myself to block out the negativity people on this great planet which is, unfortunately, changing for the worst and or better. So nonetheless, I have lost friends and close friends due to tragedies and I really don’t want to see you hurt or pushed to the limit of where you can’t take things anymore because Miss Lovato, you have so much energy and positivity that you keep us fans and supporters loyal to you and for you I am eternally grateful. As though you don’t know me, I hope to meet you one day, so I can hug you and cry on your shoulder and tell you that everything will be okay because, in reality, everything will be eventually. Demi, you have inspired me and my best friend to become the best singers in the world no one has to compare to us but we have our own positivity Vibes in which we both throw at each other and that’s what you give to society you make everything better with your music and your smile. You’ve been working your ass off to make sure that you have a bright future and you have that mentality and charismatic charm and I know you can make it out of your drug habits no matter how hard it is to stop them, you will forever be my favorite female musical artist I have ever known, technically speaking, because like I mentioned before we do not know each other at all but I am a former singer and social media influencer because with my past I feel that I can change certain aspects of people’s personalities and turn them into a positive vibe.

I am saying this cause I know I’m only 20 years old, and you are older than me, however you inspired me every day, to be the best damn person, I can be, and sing no matter who is watching me at, & for that I have to thank you personally. I can’t shake your hands or anything but believe me I want to and give you a big old hug and tell you how much I appreciate you and respect you for everything you have accomplished so far. I love you so much, Miss Lovato, you truly have no idea how much I’ve been dying to meet you, and how proud I a of your huge success so far as well. & Let alone trying to sing with you and see how well a singer you personally think I am even though I sing for no one’s opinion but however since I adore you so much I care for yours, so when the time is right, and God lets us meet eventually, things will be okay for the both of us because you make me stronger every single day that I am alive so thank you very much Miss Lovato and hopefully when you’re out of rehab you can take the time to fully understand the commitment I have to you from a singer to a performing singer in a small town such as Phoenix Arizona. It is very hot here and a little bit humid over here, but you know, YOU ARE CONFIDENT MISS

I’m not going to let that stop me and I know you are trying your VERY best to get better and you will succeed but you need to have faith and trust in God, like you have been doing all your life, and trust me, honey, you will be very more successful than you already are, so with that being said, Miss Lovato, I hope to see you one day, so we can hug it out, and maybe hang out, and get to know one another as a person to another person trying to make it in this world, I love you beyond words that I cannot express at this moment, so with that, have a great rest of your evening depending on what time of day it is for you. Sincerely, your favorite supporter, since you started Camp Rock, Amanda Guerrero <3 {S T A Y. S T R O N G. G I R L. YOU C A N DO THIS YOU GOT THIS }