Timeline Post by damien_vankirk

I am 20 years old. Right now you are recovering from the hospital and your song sober hit me hard when I first heard it yesterday it made me cry bc when I got shot at the age of 16 i was hospitalized for 3 months and i couldn’t speak or do anything i felt so alone and all i could do is feel myself grow dark and when i got out the hospital i started drinking heavily bc a month after my mother got arrested and is serving 3 years in prison so i was lost but i did something i can never forgive myself for and i had to people help me and be there for me and so do you and i know you can make it through this and fully recover and your in my prayers so i want you to have a speedy recovery bc your fans miss and love you. Hopefully Demi can read this or know about this

Sincerely, A caring friend