Timeline Post by Danielle_Bellis

I’ve never seen demi Lovato or nick Jonas in concert love them both so much I grew up listening to there music since I was 6 years old I’m still obsessed with the Jonas brothers even though their not together anymore I watch a lot of live chats of them and I watch demi Lovato’s as well it always felt like I was hanging out with them and nick is my entire world I have a huge celebrity crush on him I don’t care that Georgia may not like this but I’ve always wanted to try and go on a date with nick and get to know the real him and the best part that I love about him that he’s my inspiration I am working on a duet for nick and I, I really hope he likes it and he has permission to fix some lyrics if it doesn’t sound right and the Jonas brothers are the main reason I wanted to become a singer in the first place I will do anything to meet demi Lovato and nick Jonas I’m so pumped about DNCE they’ve done an outstanding job I was obsessed with joe back then when I was 6-13 years old and after that I came obsessed with nick from then on to now and still I really have a crush on nick but if he’s with Georgia right now I don’t mind waiting demi Lovato I’m sorry that I never knew you were on barney but I was so excited about sonny with a chance and both of the camp rock movies are still my favorite movies ever since two days ago I’ve watched them 137,689 times and the same rate for the Jonas brothers 3d concert experience movie my entire life as been about the Jonas brothers I used to have a t-shirt it was brown but I’ve been trying to find another but there’s nothing I’m also trying to find demi Lovato t-shirt and a nick Jonas t-shirt threw my life for loving nick Jonas I’ve always had this spark waiting in my heart for him he makes me happy and “hello beautiful” is my personal favorite song ever I cry every time I hear it because that was the very first song that made me feel beautiful but I never really wore any dresses because of my braces I wear on my feet and I also have crutches that I balance with I’ve never been a make a wish kid my mother could never afford it I’m 22 years old now and I’m nicks age pretty please be nicks age and his type please  and demi Lovato you are my inspiration for having the best style ever I love the one side shave hair style it’s my favorite and I really wished I had the money for future now tour and I’m very excited for jumanji I get to see it January/10/11/12 of 2018 since I didn’t have the money for the premier day in Jacksonville any this is a long letter wow I love you guys and I really hope I have tickets for the next collaboration of concert but still when you guys come separately I will have a truck till then so I can come by myself love you nick Jonas & demi Lovato