Timeline Post by HoTxDerickVain

Demi Lovato, I am not a fan I feel Like I Known you my whole Life. you want to work with Cardy B. ps you want a family a real one you like crime shows because you want to be a Detective which you are to me you saved my life you and Selena. and. Miley. Nick Jonas is one of your best friends well all the Jonas Brothers if you want to think of it like that I am not here as a fan I am here because I feel as though your the only one that truly sees through my eyes my other half. which is why I do not want to ruin anything you have going But I would like us to meet one day (soon) your new album is Tell me you Love me and to be honest I do Love you more Than a best friend and more each time I look at you your Eye’s are the window to your soul we can change the World I think its Destiny Fate Luck who knows The person i wanted to save was Miley Cyrus btw you and Selena are one in the same so I like you Both lol) I been to Selena Gomez concert in Texas a long time ago and I sent you a little letter letting you know I wanted her to read what I wrote to her. I am your Nightingale! if I had to choose one person to be with me forever it would be (Demi Lovato/Selena Gomez) Princess Protection Program. you two are one in the same. all i want is to meet you online offline Does not matter. I will die for you Cross my heart. Your My Kingdom Come! ps. my Name online is (FLY HoT Naruto) (Xbox Live) my birth Name is Daniel and *my love interest is unknown) if you want to meet me contact me on (Xbox Live) or (Video Chat) last thing for you to know I Love your song (Give Your Heart a Break) Selena and you and I are One in the Same. Thank you for (Saving My Life) x. DerickVain. Now its time I Told you who I am I am your greatest Gift your Wisdom your music your Art I will Allways Love you no matter what happens (I Got to Find You (Camp Rock!) I will in One Days make a youtube channel and I am going to sing you a song called Backwards be Rachel Flatts I have the Road Map from Hannah Montana aka Duh (lol) (You and I Can Change The World My Jesus Loves All) (The Grass is Greener Under You My Love) I Love you like a Love Song. Thank You For Saving My Life. Become a Detective With Me as your Partner. You are My Other Half.