Timeline Post by Jewels021.

This is Demi Lovato’s undercover agent account guy. I have been public on social media about her but am getting much more conservative. I wasn’t paid for helping Christina Auguiella reconnect with her former music/travel agent. I believe I helped her find herself a little more and make up her mind on a lot of things. We must have moved to quick on some “major business ideas of Spokane living and possible relationship talk”. So, I admit I’m good here not perfect and no longer working with Auggie/Christina.   I know her motherhood most important right now and indeed I am aware of mixed grey talk from her text messages. I am new to getting someone where “they”, we, need to get. 

Demi’s advantage is we have had a lot of communication but no meet in person yet and I am working privately on this. The above help show a almost female legend can find a great fan through social media not me loving her music yet.  Maybe a little Ryan S. involvement but I can’t say where their relationship in New York is at.

I am a caring father of a 13 year old daughter but way less stress as she is at a charter school and taken care of by her bio mother.  

I am giving my info here a full background go this Island’s association with Miss Lovato. Not nessecarily UMG in full come back tours yet. I still have thought about her trouble with the drug incident in central California about a year ago.  My wishes were definitely to protect her and be at her concert. I wish her the best of luck a few days before her concert in the very same home I am now. I have travelled much over the last year but have been back for five months taking care of the old man in his last years. He can come around to a visitor but my habits are this. I will not give out my phone info until I look for definitely confirmation on social media. 

To be genuine, it seem my interest in helping/rescuing her from almost total isolation is all I am after by now. A friendly and kind greeting is definitely and again my non paid help with the Ellen DeGeneres show is hopefully known but Ellen in her own issues is no where near perfect. I have slightly reach out to her divocee and her supervisor, a woman my age with initials OJ.  To finish and I will in my faith ask only if she is completely ready to travel north, she ask Christina Aguliera for my cell number, same one. We have had some fixable issues of saftey so she can text first then call, I don’t mind just text. 

My next message will be my full name for a background check if needed. Island Records guys and maybe gals we will be grateful with success.