Timeline Post by John_Swartz_Sr

May I have yor permission to call u hun or is this 2 soon .


May have your permission to say u r an amazing young woman an beautifull an sweet girl  if i may help u an im going to keep helping 4the rest of my inter life an am going to remember u as well  HUNNY bunny your loveing voice is is lovely an sweet just  like a can of fresh peaches on tellu some other time what i like to to with those sweet tasting peaches an wear i like to put them on your body an nibble an gentle bit your body in a very soft an gentle way an were else i like to put those sweet tasting peaches is on your tummy an let the juices slowly drip twards your  well u no were im going with this just a little for play im shareing with a lovely an beautifull girl  like  an u r very special 2me