Timeline Post by John_Swartz_Sr

Girl did u receive my pictures  im trying to help u girl  ok  I ask my mom she is deceased an farther also what i was getting to i ask my mom y did u have me 4  an my mom said to help so this what i do all i due is help every body an i get steped on an i was used by the lifes game ways .i call the radio the game play radio an the tv the game ttv am some people R GAMEY im not a game player i chose to live life what i came up with i call it a straight life is how i live an lifes games can step on me in an way the gamey life just makes my straight life stronger no what is said nothing can interpret my straight life  i like to have a cup of coffee wirh some day im flat broke 4 now .if u ever need some one to talk ro u an lend a helping hand please pretty please i beg u call me i just called it off with a girl name Caroline Heldman.a former MTV Asstoceate i loved her so moch i i had attempted suicide at least 3times to prove how much i loved her i called it of last night