Timeline Post by ruurtjan

I’ll hope that I can see you perform somewhere soon in The Netherlands after your tour with DJ Khaled in the hope that I have the financial resources sometime to come and see and hear your concert because you look nice and you sing  fantastic. I know you’re name allready for some time but I hadn’t the time to know your better for your songs because I had a lot of troubles in my head because I am also coming out of my various gender after keeping that still my whole life till last year and I will let my dear ones and anyone else I know personally and maybe also the society in the Netherlands letting to know that my real gender is a queer one all my life instead a totally 100% heterosexual that I showed till last year in june. Also want let the people know that I also want sometimes want to dress like a nice woman to see with also putting me up with make-up and maybe also earclips or later maybe earrings and jewelry. The last three things I did not do till now as a man but maybe as a dressed woman. Maybe If I dare to do it and keep daring to do it and it will be accepted by my dear ones and the Dutch society that I will sometimes will perform in public as a female or woman maybe I will even decide to become a lady by sexual genderchange but I don’t know on this moment if I will ever do it because the last year I become more feelings that I am a real man because I have almost a year a relation with a woman in the neigbourhood of my hometown that is about one hour away from my home by bus and train. I will not want to ruin my relation with her because of it but I will surely do something with crossdressing like a woman on the days I don’t see her or can’t see her or if I want to do it a day I will not see my girlfriend because I don’t want to bother her with it. In the last year I also get rid of my hesitations of giving intimacy to a woman and getting it from a woman and I find that very pleasant because last year I thought after being alone or a bachelor the last 34 years between 1982 and 2016 that I never did get a relation with a woman just like I will never get children just like till now and will never marry. With my steady girlfriend I will maybe never get married because she doesn’t want to marry anymore and must then accept if I want to stay with her the rest of my life that I will become and stay a childless person during my whole life or never becoming a father and grandparent but I have become a uncle and the only uncle of my nephew and niece( the son and daughter of my some younger sister and her husband) because maybe my twin sisters, who are about 14 years younger than me are also don’t have children and maybe will never get children. Maybe I want to become even a dragqueen called Miss Ramona(my favourite name as woman) but I will see first if I dare to buy womenclothes and shoes and every thing that belongs to a woman if she dresses her and makes her look nice with make-up and lipstick. If I dared it I will see if I will continue to wear the clothes and shoes and so on first in my own house in the evening and later in a meeting with other crossdressers and then maybe in public with them and then in public with my dear ones or maybe alone. Maybe I will stop with this female side if it doesn’t will fit me after some time but there is also a possibility that it likes me so much and get so much positive reactions about me as a dressed woman that I will keep dressing on like a woman. I admire you for your fighting for the community and will stand for the community of lesbian, homoseksual, transgender, transseksual and other kind of genderidentities that are existing in this world because it makes you for me a beautiful woman and open-minded and if you are lesbian or a another kind of genderidentity it doesn’t matter for me but when you fight for this LHBT-community although you’re for yourself 100% female in your mind I will give you an extra compliment for your thoughts and helping us. Greetings from a new fan, a outcoming queer, Ruurt Jan Hoobroeckx from the city Heemskerk at the westcoast of the Netherland at the seaside of The Netherlands nearby Haarlem and Amsterdam and Alkmaar. Hope to see you soon after a gig in Holland and I will get a chance to meet you afterwards and will also like that I can take a picture of us both and maybe I will and can buy on that moment your latest or one of your latest records on vinyl or compact disc. I will also like that you will sign it then with your signature. Love from me. Success to you and DJ Khaled with all your coming gigs in the United States and lots of fun with each other on the stages you will perform and also for the other ones on the stages or behind the stages and much fun with the public and lots of applause of them and nice reactions from them and from the people in the papers, magazines and other media.