Timeline Post by starshollow221

Hi, I am Anna and I am14 years old and Demi is my life! I know all her songs and I have so many things in common with her including depression, anxiety, self-harm, countless years of therapy, and ALL THESE DADDY ISSUES! Its nothing to be proud of but Demi is my world, literally, you should see my room and Spotify account she is the only music I listen to because I can really feel what she rights in her songs and they are very heartfelt and beautiful! Demi no matter what terrible people tell you, you are perfect in every way and you deserve to be on this earth enjoying every moment life has to offer and I know its hard sometimes, believe me, I have very bad issues and my life is horrible and I know you aren’t reading this I just love her so much and I don’t know what I would do without her! STAY STRONG! 

#GOALS: My life goal is to meet you in person!