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I’m writing this letter hoping that Demi Lovato will be able to read it as I have had eating disorders for many years and have finally found my remedy

It’s the first time I  register on a star website. I guess I just wanted to share and hopefully help. I ‘m  French , 47 years old and  arrived in the US on August, 2018 after having lived all my life in France. I new who you were, I had seen some movies of you on Disney Channel with my 8 years old girl at the time (she’s 12 now). If I decided to write to you Demi it’s because I have lived, experimented  and suffered of eating disorders since I’m a child. I did have a pause during 18 years until I relapse after emotional problems. Moving to the US was a way for me to escape from what was causing me this emotional illness. After 22 years of mariage, 3 children and a husband that cheated on me during 4 long years, I feel it is a good timing.

 In 2013, my husband  verbalized that he wasn’t sure if he still loved me and reproached me a lot of things. I changed everything during those 4 years because I wanted to save my mariage and most of all, because I loved him but he was actually with an other women, living a double life during those 4 years.  The way I discovered his infidelity in 2017 was brutal and devistating. All I had fought for, all I had hoped for, all I had believed in as a women, as a spouse, as a family was totaly distroyed. And actually, it was. My thoughts about myself were so negative. During those 4 years, I thought that the only way to save my mariage was to be thiner although I wasn’t overweight since nothing else was working. My thinking was, If I lost some weight than he would find me beautiful. He would look at me. I started going to the toilet after each meal not wanting to gain any weight. I started drinking which would stop me from being  hungry. I was declining day by day, but still having the energy to hide my illness. In a way, I was lying to my children, to my family. I stayed 8 month after finding out his infidelity saying to myself everyday that I was strong enough to forgive and move on. But it just led me to loose so much weight to put myself in danger and to go into depression. If I’m telling my story today, it’s because I would like to share what really helped me stop throwing up after each meal and having the chance to go towards healing.

Maybe you already heard about Ho’oponopono?

An ancestral Hawaiian healing process, in which we are 100% responsible for what happens in our lives but not guilty and we need to clean on our wrong memories to erase them. I know this sound  pretty weird but the truth is that we are guided by our thoughts and memories instead of inpiration. 

I worked a lot on Ho’oponopono for the past 2 years and I must say I have experimented amazing changes with my self-Identity. We all try to know who we really are and it will probably take us a life time, however, being able to live and act with inspiration instead of wrong thoughts and wrong memories is a gift for which I am extremely gratefull. No psychologist, no doctor could have helped me as much as practicing Ho’oponopno in my daily life. I still have issues with food but I am healing myself day by day with faith and love. As I am a certified Ho’oponopono practitioner now, I can only hope you will want to know more about this wonderful healing. If so don’t hesitate to visit my web site: www.reconnectingwithyourself.com 

or any other sites concerning Ho’oponopono.

Please forgive me for my English and writing mistakes. I wish you all the best, healness, love and inspiration.