Timeline Post by Wilker_Rodrigues_Santos

Demi, serious, important, a gift to you, I’m trying to talk to you and it’s not just another text.

Hello Demi, my name is Wilker, I’m 27 years old and I live in the state of Sergipe here in Brazil. Initially I should start by saying that I am unhappily not as fluent in English as I would like but I am already working on it. I’m usually a person who likes to play.

My goal would be for this text to come to you. I’m a photographer early in the career, but that does not mean that I’m here in this text to ask you for a photo essay kkkkkkkk, I’m here trying to tell you that you’re strong yes, although you may have a small drop in your plan but it does not mean that you are weak or you are not good for anything, on the contrary, I adore you because of your claw, why no one sees how much shows and events you do, the pressure that they put unfairly on you, the amount of responsibilities, etc. ..and not always all the people who are around you are able to give you councils. I want to tell you that there are people (like me kkkkkkkkk, bricadeira) that can show you those very discrete nuances that make moments are indescribable, moments so that you want to stay in it forever or always want to do whenever you can only to experience of this essence again.

When I read the news on the site that you were going through this situation, I was very sad, and it would make me even more sad if something more serious could happen to you I did not write this text for you.

I leave you one or two questions … What if? And when?

What if you think in a different way?

What if you give me a chance to show you?

What if you do differently?

And when will you get better?

I want to tell you that I adore you very much and I have a passion for you too, because I think you are very, very incredible, and very beautiful too, I venture to say that even waking and without makeup you are beautiful. as well as the following music:

Beautiful made morning,

Made mint tea

Made to go to sea

Beautiful, lying down

With her face wrinkled wrapping the waking up

Beautiful Thing – Tiago York

I would like to say all this face to face for you to even sing this song, however my conditions at the moment are not favorable, in addition your security may not let you come near you because I think I’m just another steric fan wanting to take a piece from you.

What you are going through will pass, just like a river that follows its flow.

I hope this text comes to you are words that are in my heart, from someone who likes you, and that when reading you might like and if possible give me feedback.

A kiss and see you soon, Wilker.